Day in the life

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To understand users’ typical day


A study in which the designer follows the service user through a typical day, observing and recording events to build up a realistic picture of what actually happens


Several Days


Big sheet of paper, visual material, scissors, pencils, stickers, glue, sticky tape


Individually, In Small Groups

Image courtesy of David Armano


This design activity may need to be repeated over several days in order to gather a balanced perspective. Mapping a ‘Day in the Life’ graphically illustrates how time is assigned to various activities. For example, people could be interviewed and observed going about their daily routines. They can be asked to respond to a series of images, questions and designed provocations. A variety of people could be involved and persona sheet could be developed around each individual, providing a snapshot of their lifestyle and needs.


Methods – Day in the Life, Designing with People. Org, access at


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