Distributed Scenario Brainstorm

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To develop new ideas for services that are situation-specific with personas or different service moments


A Distributed Scenario Brainstorm (DSB) is designed to generate creative opportunities for the service innovation


Two to Three Hours


A set of cards with represented personas, pen


In Small Groups


Coming up with innovative ideas for every possible situation and every possible customer can be extremely challenging. That’s when the DSB tool can help you. During a DSB session use a set of cards that depict a wide range of service moments (eg patient waiting in waiting room) and personas (eg consultant, special diabetes nurse). By randomly picking and combining different cards you can focus on specific issues of the service in order to generate lots of new ideas.

To increase the richness of the ideas a good brainstorm, the group should be composed of a mix of service improvers, users and stakeholders. A typical brainstorming session involves several rounds of mini-brainstorms. Once you come up with a good number of ideas (usually ten to fifteen), you can select a new set of cards and start a new discussion. This helps to maintain the creative momentum whilst exploring different scenarios within a service.


Personas, Issue Cards


Distributed Scenario Brainstorm, Engine Service Design, access at http://www.enginegroup.co.uk/service_design/m_page/distributed_scenario_brainstorm


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