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To bring a new perspective to a situation when we may believe that we have exhausted all the options


The Fresh Eyes activity seeks to generate new ideas by anticipating how others might view a situation


One Hour


Paper, pencil


In Small Groups, In a Large Group


First, define the problem or issue. Then, randomly select alternative viewpoints and predict how people might respond to the following questions:

  • What would be important to them here?
  • What aspect of the topic would they focus on?
  • What ideas and approaches might they have?

Reflect on the possible responses and ask/challenge yourself Might this work in healthcare? and ask Why not?. You could also give it a go and see the problem from a completely different perspective, for example, as a manager of a fast food restaurant, as a six-year-old child, as the parents of small children, as an airline flight attendant, as a stand-up comedian, as a politician…

DOs and DON’Ts

  • DO aim to use at least 4-5 different perspectives and record the combined results so that you can review the ideas later. It will also help if you are able to give lots of examples from healthcare, so that people can see how the tool is connected and applied
  • DO add to, change or modify the list of perspectives
  • DO set a task of identifying a list of job roles and then use them in the session
  • DON’T censor the choice of perspectives; some will work better than others
  • DON’T reject ideas too quickly: even if you can’t see an immediate connection, others probably will



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