Immersive Workshop

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To visualise design ideas and scenarios and simple prototypes depending on the time frame and context


A staged face-to-face discussion, typically involving from 6 to 12 people, chaired by an impartial moderator


One Day


Pencils, coloured markers, post-it notes (preferably in a range of different colours, sizes and shapes), notepads, paper (in a range of sizes), flip charts, pins, masking tape, digital camera, polaroid camera and film, foam board, cardboard, cutting mat, knives and glue for prototyping.


In a Large Group


This workshop replicates and accelerates the front-end stages of a typical design development process. It can be tailored to the specific aims of its organisers through the framing of the brief and the selection of participants.  The workshop’s participants may be designers, medical workers, people from other disciplines, such as engineers and specialists in the theme of the workshop (eg. psychologists) as well as end users. The format allows for a ‘dream team’ to be assembled to work on a given area and can take the form of a hospital department or public community workshop.


Focus Groups


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