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To identify users’ needs


A needs map is a way to look at your research and decide what your users’ most important needs are.


One Hour


Big sheet of paper or whiteboard, markers, post-it notes, visual material (eg. photos, diagrams), digital camera


In Small Groups

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In some cases, users will tell you exactly what their needs are. In others you might identify a need through observing their behaviour. Before attempting a needs map, you will need lots of information about your user. The more research and visual material you have, the better. Follow these two steps to create a needs map for your users:

1. Examine your research

Gather lots of research (eg. through User diaries, Service Safari, Communications Mapping, User Shadowing). Examine your research to analyse the users’ needs and think about: “Why this person is doing this thing?; What they might like to happen and why?; If something is wrong, what might they like to change?” Write down all of the different needs on post-it notes. With your team, see if you can group similar needs. Give each of the groups of needs a heading (eg. behaviours, requirements, changes). Decide which 3-5 of these headings are the most important needs.

2. Create your needs map

Note down the most important headings on a big sheet of paper or a whiteboard. Use quotes, clear examples or images directly from your research to show that these are important needs. Attach this to the paper under the relevant heading and take a photo of your completed needs map.


Needs Map, Keeping Connected Design Challenge, access at


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