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To create profiles of the potential service users


Personas show the different types of users who will use the new service


30 Minutes


Large paper, visual material (photos, magazines or Internet pictures), markers


In Small Groups

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A Persona is a character which is created to represent user research in an easily understandable way. Each persona should bring together lots of information about similar people into one character that represents a group of users. Personas can include the following useful information: name, age, occupation, where personas live, what personas do in their spare time, what hobbies or interests personas have, what the persona’s needs are, and so on. To make a persona, gather lots of photos and quotes collected from your user research, as well as pictures from magazines or the Internet. Stick or write all of the information on a large piece of paper, using a different sheet of paper for each persona, and give your persona a name to help you remember them.


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