Popcorn Ideas

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To hear and gather as many possible ideas from as many different people as possible


Gather a lot of creative ideas in short period of time


30 Minutes


A lot of people with different backgrounds, writing material, post-it notes


In a Large Group


Someone starts with describing his/her idea on a chosen challenge: ideas need to be expressed quickly and succinctly. As the first person finishes, call the next person and when the next perso

n finishes, that person then calls another one, and so on. Subsequent participants should not choose same or similar ideas as previous participants; it has to be something different or a path or theme begins to develop. The most important is diversity in the conversation. This activity promotes a sense of group community and ensures that everyone’s voice is heard.


Six Thinking Hats, Distributed Scenario Brainstorm


Popcorn Share: Generating Rapid-Fire Ideas, access at https://www.teachingchannel.org/videos/student-participation-popcorn-share


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