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To explore, communicate and test (evaluate) abstract designed service concepts and user issues


This design activity tests the new service from a human and heuristic point of view


One Hour


Someone who can draw, sheets of paper, markers, a video camera or computer depending the realisation method you have chosen


In Small Groups

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Scenarios are imaginative stories that can be presented through a variety of media including texts, illustrated storyboards, videos, film, or short plays and can feature multiple characters to describe different service interactions. To create an effective scenario, first define a set of characters who will use the product or service you are designing. Consider the details of users’ lives, their job, their regular activities and their attitudes. Identify key moments where these users interact with your service, then realise them as scenes in a short text or a storyboard. Test the scenario on users or yourself then use what you learn and improve your service design further. To investigate the full scope of user interactions, you may need to construct three or four scenarios around the needs of a different character and improve them with iteration.





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