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To describe the nature and characteristics of the service interaction in enough detail to verify, implement and maintain it


A service blueprint is a way to illustrate a service from start to finish


One Hour


A large piece of paper or a wall, coloured post-it notes, markers


In Small Groups

Image courtesy of Service Design Tools, click here to visit


Create your blueprint on a large piece of paper or a wall. Map out all the main stages of the service journey as headings and use them as a guide. Start at the beginning of the service journey and imagine all the interactions and touchpoints which the user will encounter. Write these on post-it notes; this is the ‘front stage’ of the service. Once you have completed the front stage, work through the service again and think about what needs to happen behind the scenes. For example, if a user writes a letter, show who delivers and receives it and what happens once it is received. This is called the ‘back stage’. Add photos or pictures where possible to show how touchpoints or interactions work. Keep testing and improving your blueprint until you reach the end of the Deliver stage (see the diagram above as a guide).


  • DO remember to concentrate on the users’ needs and how each part of the blueprint meets your service principles
  • DO allow the blueprint to develop and change: it doesn’t have to be perfect first time
  • DO use physical ways (e.g. string) to show connections between touchpoints and interactions. This makes it easier to change things around when you need to



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