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To present, in one shot, an immediate idea of the main features of the service concept


A Service Image is able to give a succinct representation of an immediate idea of the service concept


One Hour


Big sheet of paper, visual material, computer - depending on the presentation style that you are planning to use


In Small Groups

Image courtesy of Service Design Tools, click here to visit


The Service Image aims to support the dialogue with stakeholders and provide a vision of the service. It also supports the discussion around concepts, eliciting prompt responses to the prominent aspects of every idea. The picture uses a simple visual language to illustrate a possible situation in the use of the service; using overlapping sketches may give an idea of interaction with the device.




  • Service Image, Service Design Tools, access at
  • Pacenti, E., Diana, C., Tassi, R. (2009) Visual tiles-Communication tools for service design, in proceedings Rethinking Service Rethinking Design Conference, Oslo


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