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To verify what happens when external factors interfere with the service delivery


The Service Prototype is a tool for testing the service by observing the interaction of the user with a prototype of the service put in the place, the situation and the conditions where the service will actually exist


One Day


Appropriate material for the new service design (eg. mock-ups of systems, props)


In Small Groups

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This realistic simulation is certainly one of the best ways for visualising human behaviour and for sharing even its least describable qualities with the specific recipients. Service prototypes can be rudimentary, comprising of acted-out scenarios with hand-sketched scenes or improvised props. Conversely, they can be detailed mock-ups of systems, props, environments, and “trained staff” – to provide more realistic and convincing experiences. Service prototypes can support the design process by helping with many questions, for example: Is the service functional?; Is the service desirable for the customer or user?; Is it easy for them to use?; Is it strategically desirable to offer this service?; Is it economically or logistically viable to provide this service?



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