Service Safari

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To understand service(s) interactions, touchpoints and the type(s) of service(s)


A Service Safari is a design activity that helps you to understand service(s).


One to Two Hours


Questionnaire, pen, video and audio recorder, digital camera


In Small Groups


You could focus on the specific sections of the service (eg. staff, environment), which could be done by visiting a service and using it. That way you will be able to understand how the service works and what the experience is like. When carrying out a Service Safari you should think about:

  • What different stages which make up the service
  • What people are involved in delivering the service and what they do
  • What objects you use or interact with
  • What spaces the service takes place in
  • What information is available to people
  • How people involved in delivering the service contribute to the experience

Taking photos or video-recording will help you to find out more about the service you are using.


Service Safari, Keeping Connected Design Challenge, access at


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