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To identify all stages of a user journey and the important touchpoints


A user journey map is a visual way of showing a user journey through a service; it shows all the different interactions they have and the touchpoints they encounter


One Hour


Large piece of paper or a wall, coloured post-it notes, computer (depending on how you want to present your user journey)


In Small Groups

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The map should cover all the different stages of a service, from when a user first hears about it, through to signing up and eventually finishing with the service. It should show all the different touchpoints involved (e.g. people/ information/products/places). Touchpoints could include the people the user spoke to, information seen, products used and the places that were visited. Maps can incorporate lots of different bits of information such as pictures, quotes or comments, and it could even include details of how a user felt during particular points of the service. Whilst you are creating a user journey think of a service you currently have and you want to redesign. Start at the beginning of the user journey and work through it, noting all the interactions or touchpoints. Use different coloured post-it notes for different types of touchpoints. Work your way logically through the entire service to check that no stages have been missed.


  • DO start mapping the service from the stage when users first become aware of the service, so that you will have a complete overview of the service.
  • DON’T include too much detail of specific interactions.
  • DO incorporate photos, quotes or users’ comments during the design of the user journey mapping.
  • DO capture the map (eg. photograph it); it may prove useful when you develop another new service.
  • DO discuss the completed map with colleagues/users, to examine what works well and what does not work so well.


Actors map


Mapping out mobility, Uinfoshare, Access at…

Customer Journey Mapping Game, Service Design Tools, access at


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